Donate to PTC Endowment

Although PTC resides on the campus of the University of Utah, the theatre operates independently, and receives no direct cash support from the University. As a professional not-for-profit theatre, PTC must rely not only on the revenue from ticket sales, but from the support of our friends and patrons as well. Ticket sales earn a large portion of our budget ñ nearly 65% ñ but the remaining 35% must come from contributions.


With your contribution, we can promise you...
...outstanding and compelling performances from highly talented actors.
...a roster of nationally prominent directors and choreographers.
...scenery and costumes designed and constructed in PTC's own shops with uncompromising skill.
...evenings of entertainment and enlightenment.


Thank you for your genereous gift of support.



Endowment giving ensures that we can continue to create great theatre at Pioneer Theatre Company for generations to come. Gifts to PTC's endowment are invested and used to support the theatre in perpetuity.